Music for Media

Music & Sound for Media

We have experience tailoring music to narrative, and we are versed in:

The Komplete collection of instruments and effects,
Spitfire and Chris Hein orchestral sampling,
tailored with the iZotope O8N2 and RX processing suites,
working seamlessly in the Ableton and Cubase DAWs,
and integrated to video with DaVinci Resolve Studio

Below are ten composition demos, each created in less than two hours during a series of short sessions in 2017.


Parker really listened to the brief we gave him, put his own creative twist on things and we were really, really pleased with the results. He was great to work with and very responsive to requests, working with us collaboratively to get to the end result that was perfect for our requirements.
— Martin L. White
Parker has composed music for two of my shorts and I hope to continue to work with him. He is truly amazing and talented. He is professional and a hard worker, and those are qualities one can appreciate when being in this business. I am very pleased and thankful that he was part of our crew.
— Pau Masó